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1. Alava_Gema_2018_Hexagono Pululahua24 March, 2018 – Artist and WCPUN Cultural Adviser, Gema Alava,  will attend the II WORLD SUMMIT OF THE ARTS FOR PEACE AND LIFE: A pact of tenderness for Mother Earth, in Ecuador, where she will be awarded an Honorary Recognition for her trajectory. The award highlights the positive outcome of Alava’s multidisciplinary projects, especially the art project HEXAGONOS, which marks with 24-carat gold hexagons strategic points where artistic talent and culture are concentrated. This award highlights the importance of projects that create synergies between artists and organizations for the construction of artistic-educational platforms that promote the expansion of culture while creating an awareness about the respect for nature. 1. ENGLISH_INMEDIATE_RELEASE_ALAVA_GEMA_NOTA DE PRENSA_PREMIO_CUMBRE_2018

DPI/NGO Town Hall

15 February, 2018 – DPI NGO Relations hosted a town hall to discuss past conferences and to give NGOs an opportunity to provide feedback and thoughts regarding the next conference. Moderated by Chief of NGO Relations, Jeff Brez and the Chair of the NGO DPI Executive Committee, Bruce Knotts, the panel featured input from Saphira Rameshfar, Co-chair of the Conference Planning Youth Sub-committee at the 66th Conference, and Shamina de Gonzaga, Executive Director of WCPUN, in her capacity as Chairperson of the 61st Annual DPI/NGO Conference,  commemorating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. webcast

Youth Leadership Forum

02 – 05 February, 2018 – HLA Gernsbach, WCPUN and the NY Metropolitan Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence present a youth leadership forum in Baden-Wurtemberg Germany. Hosted at Daimler facilities, the Forum brought together students in high school and vocational training, with facilitators for leadership and sustainability training. Local and regional political figures attended, and a virtual discussion was held with Florida International University, College of Communication, Architecture and the Arts, facilitated by Associate Dean, John Stuart with local students and staff to compare and discuss the meaning of green leadership across cultures. BT_Feb6_Jugendforum18 Following the forum, WCPUN Executive Director, Shamina de Gonzaga, had the opportunity to visit the HLA Gernsbach highschool class for recently arrived refugee students, and to interview Hanad, Dlovan, Aziz, Rabah, Robial, Kazal, and Moamina  (pictured below from top left), as well as instructor, Elisa, and counselor Carola. Read more: Just like other childrenarticle-FullSizeRender-2

Beyond Borders: Stories of im/ Migration

January – April 2018 – WCPUN affiliate What Moves You? is featured in the exhibition Beyond Borders: Stories of im/ Migration by the curatorial team Gutfreund Cornett Art. Work by international artists sheds light on the personal and observed narratives surrounding the struggles of flight, immigration, assimilation, deportation, and the perception of being “other” in  American society.
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January 8 – April 6, 2018 Santa Clara University,

Interfaith Observance in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

14 January, 2018  – WCPUN is honored to participate in the 20th Annual Interfaith Observance for Religious and Racial Harmony, hosted by the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence at the Dwyer Cultural Center in Harlem. Featuring relgious leaders from major faiths, participants reflected on the relevance of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s actions and philosophy for addressing today’s challenges.unnamed-2

Healthy Cities

15 December, 2017 – WCPUN is pleased to facilitate the Human Health Organization’s meeting on Healthy Cities with the Permanent Mission of Paraguay and featuring innovations from Kazakhstan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the World Health Organization, and UN Habitat. Participants included representatives of Member States, the United Nations, Academia, Non-Governmental Organizations, Experts in Sustainable Agriculture.