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Indocumentales: Short Films and Discussion

Monday, 03 April, 6:30 p.m –  Indocumentales is pleased to present two short films FREE LIKE Indocumentales.pngTHE BIRDS, by Paola Mendoza, and SIN PAÍS / WITHOUT A COUNTRY, by Theo Rigby, documenting experiences related to deportation and the family. Following the screenings, participants will be invited to an interactive discussion on Addressing family separation; the role of film and of faith-based communities, featuring guest speakers, Director Paola Mendoza, named by Filmmaker Magazine among the New Faces of Independent Film, and Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz, Founder, New Sanctuary Coalition movement.

The event is held at NYU’s King Juan Carlos Center Auditorium, 53 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012. RSVP

Environmental Film series: REVOLUTION

22 March, 2017 – The Stand Up Rise Up Environmental Film Series closing event presents the film Revolution followed by a panel discussion with guest speakers: Caroline Lewis:  CLEO Institute ED – Daniella Levine Cava: MDC Commissioner; James Murley: MDC Chief Resilience Officer; Dr. John Van Leer: UM Asso. Prof. of Physical Oceanography/Citizens Climate Lobby; Captain Dan Kipnis: Climate Reality Project; SpeakerValencia Gunder: NFM – South Florida Lead Climate Organizer; Salua Rivero: MDC Wolfson Campus “Yes Club” Student President. MDC Wolfson Campus, Miami. RSVP


Indocumentales presents Chicago Boys

27 February, 2017 – The Indocumentales film and dialogue series, co-produced by WCPUN affiliate What Moves You?, Cinema Tropical, and NYU’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, presented the New York premier of Chicago Boys, a film by Carola Fuentes and Rafael Valdeavellano,  documenting the process by which, with the enabling backdrop of Pinochet’s military dictatorship, Chilean students of the Chicago School of Economics applied Milton Friedman’s theories to make Chile into a living lab for extreme neoliberalism. Following the screening, guest speakers Marcial Godoy and Paul Hoeffel engaged participants in a critical conversation, facilitated by WCPUN E.D. Shamina de Gonzaga, exploring how the political, economic, legal and human rights abuses that transpired in Chile during the dictatorship are relevant for crises in the world today.


Seed: The Untold Story

22 February, 2017 – The Stand Up, Rise Up environmental film series was pleased to present the documentary, Seed: The Untold Story,  examining the causes and consequences of the depletion of seed varieties worldwide and showcasing the efforts to salvage what remains.


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08 February, 2017 1xnu4zy0ewz54h-h-hikwpeksjkvu7w3xeua_n7waooashlpozrg4xbnb4bbpg9emu6d_ki1jf1feqxycztslbweaakauksiu6utl0hoikq94oinapl0napkxvpry2qalc9aiy_cexvzucss0-d-e1-ft – The Stand Up Rise Up Environmental Film Series presents Cowspiracy, a documentary film on the negative impact of the cattle industry on the environment, and  the silence of environmental organizations and governmental authorities, at Miami Dade College’s InterAmerican Campus, followed by a panel discussion.