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Earth Day

22 April, 2019  –

On the occasion of the Ninth Interactive Dialogue of the United Nations General Assembly on Harmony with Nature commemorating “International Mother Earth Day” WCPUN was pleased to join in supporting the event with volunteer work led by Leadership Development and Education Chair, Amy Su Zhang and Youth Representative, Ben Kim. The Dialogues aim to move the United Nations Member States away from a human-centered worldview – or “anthropocentrism” – and establish a non-anthropocentric, or Earth-centered, relationship with the planet. Under this new paradigm, we recognize Nature as an equal partner with humankind. PHOTO-2019-04-22-18-02-53(2)

WCPUN Representative for South Florida, Luiz Rodrigues, with the Brazilian Film Festival co-presented the documentary Salt of the Earth at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden Earth Day Event, bringing a diverse public together with representatives of the municipal government, local and international environmental organizations.