What Moves You?

An educational, art and story-telling based collaborative, what moves you? projects aim to generate awareness and inspire action by tapping into people’s personal experiences and values. WMY traveling portrait/interview exhibits and facilitated dialogues offer diverse perspectives and an in-depth approach to the individual experiences that underlie complex societal issues, such as immigration or environmental justice.

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Above: What Moves You? MEXUS in the Gutfreund Cornett Art exhibit, Beyond Borders: Stories of im/Migration, 2018 Santa Clara University, Edward M. Dowd  Art and Art History Building Gallery

MEXUS, a platform for inclusive dialogue, stories and images exploring the interconnected relationship between Mexico and the United States.

Above: MEXUS presented at Wassaic Art Festival. Left: “I came here out of curiosity.” Right: “Somebody wanted to tell my story.”

Above: Images from What Moves You? Indocumentales film screenings and dialogues on immigration co-presented by WCPUN/what moves you?, Cinema Tropical, and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU.

Above: “Global Voices” exhibit of activists’ stories at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, the Aspen Institute, and United Nations Headquarters

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Above: Artwork for what moves you? logo by Antonio Sanchez.