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Ladies of Steel

In advance of International Women’s Day, WCPUN is pleased to highlight the work of Judith Peck, whose installation, “Ladies of Steel,” is now on display at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, the Gateway to the United Nations. On her piece “River Flow” (featured below), Peck notes “the river is powerful in itself but always reflecting the turbulent shifts of weather, changing its contour, its pace and rhythm, as it touches the changing shoreline. I like to think of the sculpture, like a woman, relaxed in its soft curves but confident even with its internal divisions, to make the journey, go with the flow.”

A sculptor and Professor Emeritus of Art at Ramapo (State) College, during her 42 year tenure, Dr. Peck instituted an on-going program training college students to conduct art workshops in jails, homes for abused children, psychiatric centers, domestic violence shelters, and nursing homes.