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Youth Leadership Forum

02 – 05 February, 2018 – HLA Gernsbach, WCPUN and the NY Metropolitan Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence present a youth leadership forum in Baden-Wurtemberg Germany. Hosted at Daimler facilities, the Forum brought together students in high school and vocational training, with facilitators for leadership and sustainability training. Local and regional political figures attended, and a virtual discussion was held with Florida International University, College of Communication, Architecture and the Arts, facilitated by Associate Dean, John Stuart with local students and staff to compare and discuss the meaning of green leadership across cultures. BT_Feb6_Jugendforum18 Following the forum, WCPUN Executive Director, Shamina de Gonzaga, had the opportunity to visit the HLA Gernsbach highschool class for recently arrived refugee students, and to interview Hanad, Dlovan, Aziz, Rabah, Robial, Kazal, and Moamina  (pictured below from top left), as well as instructor, Elisa, and counselor Carola. Read more: Just like other childrenarticle-FullSizeRender-2