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17th Annual Interfaith Observance for Peace, Religious and Racial Harmony

18 January, 2015 United Nations Church Center Chapel
New York Metropolitan Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non violence celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the United Nations and the 17th Annual NYMLK Interfaith Observance for Peace, Religious and Racial Harmony, a glorious success. With singing by Antoinette Montague, Gary E. Vincent and the United Nations Singers, as well as piano by Danny Mixon. Words of inspiration from Anne-Marie Carlson, Chair of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee, Sherrill Kazan Alvarez De Toledo, President of the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations, Sheik Saad Jalloh, Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center, Rev. Deyeon Park, of the Manhattan Temple of Won Buddhist International and Rev. Buddy Stallings, Pastor of St. Bartholomew’s Church. Youth represented by Jason Higgins, Jadayah Spencer and Katherine G. McGehee.