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Centerpoint Now is a WCPUN publication that highlights issues on the agenda of the international community, with a view to showcasing the extraordinary diversity of ways in which the UN’s values and objectives can be promoted and implemented. Produced since 1984 – and in the United States since 2005.

New edition marking the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations forthcoming.

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Japan Society – Presentation of WCPUN publication CENTERPOINT NOW
CENTERPOINT NOW is presented at Japan Society (333 East 47th Street, New York, New York) with remarks by celebrated artist, Mariko Mori, along with other contributors to this edition of CENTERPOINT NOW, focused on exploring multi-dimensional facets of “sustainability.”

WCPUN’s publication, Centerpoint Now, highlights input from the formal multilateral process leading to the Sustainable Development Goals, and questions what “sustainable development” implies at the individual and societal levels with international artists who address sustainable development through various creative multimedia platforms, as well as policy-makers and innovators across disciplines and cultures.

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Centerpoint Now Issue dedicated to the UN Alliance of Civilizations

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Centerpoint Now Issue dedicated to Disarmament and Human Rights


WCPUN / Centerpoint Now donated its efforts to the NGO/DPI Executive Committee to produce a publication “Celebrating NGOs: 60 Years with the United Nations,”
dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Annual DPI/NGO Conference, which that year focused on Climate Change.

Centerpoint Now’s special Commemorative Issue for the 60th Anniversary of the
United Nations and the 2005 World Summit, as well as subsequent editions, raised funds to help sponsor the Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference.