Art, Education, Media and Intercultural Outreach

WCPUN recognizes the role of Artists in advancing the goals of the United Nations and regularly collaborates with international artists, inviting their contributions to WCPUN publications and events according to the featured topic; providing support for artistic installations in connection with the Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference; assisting to identify international sculpture art for installation in the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza; and co-sponsoring exhibits that merge art with education and activism.

A Living Library & Think Park
Founded by Bonnie Ora Sherk, internationally known Artist, Landscape Architect, and Educator, A Living Library (A.L.L.), and Life Frames, Inc., the non-profit organization she founded and directs, works in conjunction with WCPUN to link biological, cultural, and technological resources, and provide a robust systemic framework, strategy, and methodology for creating place-based, ecological transformations with schools and communities, solving local problems, while also linking to hands-on, standards-based, interdisciplinary curricula in schools for all ages, bringing multiple subjects to life.

Blue Frog Society
WCPUN has been pleased to partner with Artist and Urban Planner Barbara Holub, whose conceptual art project, the Blue Frog Society – A Habitat Without Territory, invites participants to explore the concept, possibilities and ramifications of a world without borders through an artistic prism.

Centerpoint Now
A publication of WCPUN, Centerpoint Now highlights issues on the agenda of the international community, with a view to showcasing the extraordinary diversity of ways in which the UN’s values and objectives can be promoted and implemented. Produced since 1984 – and since 2005 in the United States.

Colores Auténticos de México
WCPUN serves as an Adviser to Colores Auténticos de México, a non-profit organization under the leadership Renée Niño de Rivera, that enables low-income women in La Venta, Oaxaca to improve and hone in on their traditional embroidery skills, providing technical training and introducing their work to international markets, for reinvestment in the local community.

Cultural Programmes
In partnership with the Angel Orensanz Foundation, WCPUN frequently helps realize cultural programmes that explore issues of environmental and socio-political relevance through artistic and poetic works across cultures and generations.

Previous WCPUN cultural programmes include Common Ground: The Abstracted Image, a series showcasing the influence of Islamic and Judaic art on contemporary design.

International Artists for Peace and World Harmony
Under the leadership of Artist Ademola Olugebefola and Educator Cliff Frazier, WCPUN participates in the International Artists for Peace and World Harmony initiative, which aims to utilize the arts as an instrument to build bridges of understanding; as well as in the Annual Interfaith Observance for Religious and Racial Harmony, an initiative founded by the New York Metropolitan Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence, which brings together people of all faiths to honor the legacy of Dr. King and advance the realization of his vision of a “Beloved Community.”

Ricardo Ortega Memorial Prize for Broadcast Journalism
WCPUN has been honored to co-sponsor the United Nations Correspondents Association Ricardo Ortega Memorial Prize for broadcast journalism coverage of the UN, along with Antena 3 TV, Spain, named after Antena 3 correspondent, Ricardo Ortega who was killed while covering events in Haiti in 2004, and whose quality reporting of significant events worldwide earned him the lasting respect of his peers and the broader community.

Streaming Museum
Founded in New York City by Nina Colosi in January 2008, Streaming Museum is a new hybrid museum for the 21st century that presents exhibitions in cyberspace and public space on 7 continents and cultural centers around the world.  Together with WCPUN it is planning an ongoing program of innovative exhibitions and public programs showcasing international arts, culture, global data, and sustainable design, connecting communities worldwide via Internet.

what moves you? awareness campaigns
WCPUN is proud to contribute as an on-going co-sponsor of the awareness-raising campaigns by what moves you?, notably “Global Voices,” a traveling exhibit of portraits and statements of civil society activists worldwide working to achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, and Mexus/Indocumentales, an itinerant multi-media educational series on Mexico-US relations and immigration.

Sustainable Development Partnerships

WCPUN is a host and co-convener of facilitated conversations considering collaborative intersections of media and sustainable development. Bringing together diverse stakeholders, including NGOs, the UN, Member States, Science, Media and Communications, Arts & Culture, Design, Academia, and Private sectors, the meetings are designed to provide an alternate space for people to think outside the boundaries of their respective organizations, exchange ideas and best practices.

A participant in the UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, collaborating with other organizations to promote a Rights-based Approach to Sustainable Development Governance, WCPUN aims to continue its commitment to advance awareness of and engagement in sustainable development-related issues beyond the Conference.

Interdisciplinary research projects in connection with sustainable development are being realized with the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion et Commerce International (ESGCI) in Paris and consultancy

In London, a series of events are being planned to raise awareness among future leaders about sustainable development rights, with a focus on societies emerging from conflict. Coordinated by WCPUN Youth Adviser, Alexandra Abrams, the series is designed to engage dynamic networks of people in their twenties and thirties through unique opportunities merging the glamorous with the conscientious.

Health and Wellness

WCPUN members include individuals in fields of medical research and development, as well as alternative medicine.

WCPUN partners with organizations to hold awareness-raising conferences that are accessible to the international community, such as the Medical Assembly at the UN, designed to bring together renowned scientists and doctors, with UN Agencies, Missions, International NGOs and the Private Sector, to examine ways of preventing disease globally, exchange “best practices” and generate opportunities for collaboration in research, treatment and advocacy; the International Forum on Advances in Psychopharmacology and Recovery in Severe Mental Illness, organized by Letters and Sciences, with support from the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the UN.

Champions for Life
WCPUN is an umbrella organization for Champions for Life, an initiative founded in 1997 to honor cancer survivors and heighten awareness of persons throughout the world who are overcoming life threatening diseases. Champions for Life (CFL) further works to increase the knowledge base of new effective treatments, while being an advocate for those patients in need of assistance.

The Tent Project / Good Earth Network
The Tent Project / Good Earth Network a partner organization of WCPUN, is continuously engaged in bringing together healers of various traditions to exchange knowledge and healing methods with one another and with the world, and provides multi-level, multi-media interactive experiences including art, music, visual presentations, classes, guest lectures, and other opportunities in various venues internationally.

Participation in the Un-Affiliated NGO Community

WCPUN regularly participates in UN meetings and processes that are open to the NGO community, collaborates with Member States, different entities within the UN system, and other NGOs on a project-specific basis, and dedicates space within the WCPUN publication, Centerpoint Now, to highlight innovative projects and inspirational individuals in the UN and NGO communities.

NGO/DPI Executive Committee
An active member of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee and Annual DPI/NGO Conference Planning Committee for over a decade, WCPUN had a leading role in fund-raising for the Annual DPI/NGO Conference; Development of the Communications Workshop model; development of the Media and Youth Sub-Committees; Co-production of public outreach events, including the Human Rights Village at the City Hall of Paris in 2008, and the first public information fair in New York City on the Millennium Development Goals in 2004 “the No Excuse Concert and Information Fair” at the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. WCPUN members have also served as Chairperson for the Annual Conference.

WCPUN has further supported advocacy for NGO input into UN processes, through participation in the Millennium +5 NGO Network (in the lead-up to the 2005 World Summit) and the Millennium NGO Forum in 2000.

Youth Outreach and Leadership

THE SOCIETY OF YOUNG PHILANTHROPISTS, presided by WCPUN Youth Adviser, Alexandra Abrams, forms the UK Division of WCPUN. Dedicated to incentivizing and facilitating the involvement of young current and future ‘leaders’ in social action, The Society of Young Philanthropists provides a platform for charities and social action projects to make their needs understandable and accessible to members; hosts salon-style dinners to encourage discussion and activity, as well as larger-scale fundraising events; rewards members for their philanthropic activity: either volunteering , donating, or fundraising.

WCPUN is convinced that young people’s participation in the international arena is crucial and thus consistently advocates, and when possible provides platforms, for youth to learn about the work of the United Nations and its agencies, as well as about the activities of NGOs at UN Headquarters and on the ground; and actively participate / provide input in WCPUN activities. WCPUN also contributes to the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign.