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Water: Visible and Invisible-Sound, Movement, Science and Art

Tigertail-Water-Visible-4.12.16 AAEAAQAAAAAAAAl0AAAAJGQ1NDA4NjZlLTM1ZDEtNDk4NS1hNDUyLTkyMDBmMTJhM2Y3NQ12 April, 2016 – Tigertail/FIU Panel Discussion, “Water: Visible and Invisible-Sound, Movement, Science and Art” at the Miami Beach Urban Studios, moderated by FIU CARTA’s John Stuart, with opening remarks by Mary Luft, Executive Director, Tigertail; presentations by Tiffany Troxler, Director, FIU Seal Level Solution Center, on Changing watery ecosystems and their implications; Doug Wartzok, Provost Emeritus, FIU Department of Biology, on Marine mammals and Sound Sensory Systems; Orlando Garcia, Composer, FIU School of Music, on Sound worlds for rising tides; and Shamina de Gonzaga, Executive Director, WCPUN, on Sustainable development, water and art practices—a global perspective. Collaborating artists whose work was highlighted in WCPUN’s presentation include Andrea Juan’s Antarctic installation “Invisible Forest”; Maxi Cohen’s majestic representations of bodies of water around the world “A Movement in Water”; Antonio Briceño’s homage to skippers who work on the Orinoco river “On the Water”; Gabriel Pulido’s sound and dance composition “Deep Surface”; and the work of Ramon Llonch and “Artlantique” bringing new life to discarded fishing boats in Senegal. summary