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Community Revitalization and Social Entrepreneurship

28 August, 2014 United Nations, Conference Room B
WCPUN was pleased to hold a workshop on the topic of “Current practices and innovative approaches in community revitalization and social entrepreneurship” at the 65th Annual DPI NGO Conference, featuring Mr. Wilfried Eckstein, Director, Goethe Institut Washington D.C. presentation of “The First World Congress of the Missing Things”/ TRANSIT program; Ms. Renée Niño de Rivera, Social Entrepreneur, focus on challenges and opportunities of training and employment in social entrepreneurial ventures with indigenous communities in Mexico; Ms. Alexandra Abrams, President, Society of Young Philanthropists / WCPUN UK, focus on strategies for youth engagement in social issues and partnership with entrepreneurs in the UK; Ms. Shamina de Gonzaga, Director / Main Representative to the UN, WCPUN, Moderator and brief presentation on outcome of WCPUN – Barcelona City Council meeting with social entrepreneurs; Special Thanks to: Ms. Barbara Holub, Social Design/ University of Applied Arts, Vienna/ Transparadiso/  Artist / Urban Planner / WCPUN Cultural Adviser; Ms. Céline Roche Crespo, International Relations/Development Professor; Ms. Ashley Overbeek, Student, Stanford University for their valuable collaboration. For more information, see summary.

Summary 28 August WCPUN workshop